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          Navas' Sailing & Racing
          in the San Francisco Bay Area

          Posted as <http://sail.navas.us/>.

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          Copyright 2002-2015 John Navas, All Rights Reserved.
          Permission is granted to copy for private non-commercial use only.
          Suggestions and corrections may be sent toJohn Navas

          This information was compiled by the author and is provided as a public service. The author is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for any consequential problems that might result. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


          Clipper Round the World 2010 ? John Navas
          \ Clipper Round the World 2010 ? John Navas /

          505 North American Championship 2009 ? John Navas
          \ 505 North American Championship 2009 ? John Navas /

          Spring One Design 2008 ? John Navas
          \ Spring One Design 2008 ? John Navas /

          U.S. Kiteboarding Nationals 2007 ? John Navas
          \ U.S. Kiteboarding Nationals 2007 ? John Navas /

          Albert T Simpson Sportboat Regatta 2007 ? John Navas
          \ Albert T Simpson Sportboat Regatta 2007 ? John Navas /

          Big Boat Series 2005 ? John Navas
          \ Big Boat Series 2005 ? John Navas /

          Links & Resources

          Weather, Tide & Wind by Cell Phone



          Certain cellular phones (and other wireless devices) are capable of accessing certain information on the World Wide Web by means of a built-inWAP browser. Unfortunately, most of the information on the Web is not accessible by WAP because most Web sites lack the specific support for WAP and small screens that is normally required. That pretty much limits WAP devices to a relatively small number of WAP-enabled Web sites, a selection of which is commonly listed for convenience by wireless carriers.

          Although weather is one of the information sources commonly provided through WAP, it generally doesn't include things that are of importance to mariners like tides. Such information is available on the non-WAP Web (see "Tides & Wind" and "Weather" above); the challenge is to get at it by WAP.

          Fortunately, it is possible to access non-WAP Web pages by means of WAP if the page is in standardHTML, and is small and clean enough for the limited capacity and screen size of WAP devices. The challenge is to find such pages--the great majority of pages don't meet these requirements. Here are two useful pages for the San Francisco Bay Area that do meet these requirements:

          Cingular subscribers can save links to these resources for fast access on their personal MEdia Net Home page (accessed with the Cingular logo button on many Cingular-branded phones) in My Links. Cingular provides good marine coverage along the coast, with service in most areas near San Francisco, from Drakes Bay down to Monterey, up to about 20 miles offshore.

          A good way to access Web resources over WAP is to useGoogle Mobile, which converts search results into a form that works on most WAP-enabled cell phones. For example, search for "NDBC 46026" to find the Web page for the San Francisco data buoy (18NM West of San Francisco), then click on the result link to have Google display the result in WAP format on your cell phone, showing winds, waves, temperature, etc.

          Yet another option if your cell phone is Java-capable, is the freeOpera Mini for Mobile Web browser, which does a remarkable job of browsing full Web pages on a small screen.

          Racing Marks and Courses

          DISCLAIMERS: Provided for information purposes only--should not be used for navigation. Positions of some marks have only been estimated, and may differ significantly from actual positions (particularly the temporary marks). USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

          Suggestions and corrections may be sent toJohn Navas

          Central Bay Chart(click on image for high resolution version)

          central_bay.gif (166110 bytes)

          North Bay Chart(click on image for high resolution version)

          north_bay.gif (42595 bytes)

          South Bay Chart (click on image for high resolution version)

          south_bay.gif (43487 bytes)

          GPS Coordinates and Courses

          These GPS waypoint (and route) files are inGPX (GPS Exchange format), an open, flexible and well-documented format supported bymany GPS programs, includingEasyGPS (seenote) andGPSBabel (both free), which can be used to upload/download to/from many popular GPS units, and view and/or edit GPS waypoints and routes. (You may need to right-click on links to download the GPS Exchange format files.)

          Other Mark References

          John Navas 

          About the Author

          John Navas is experienced in racing all types of sailboats from dinghies to large offshore racers. Most recent experience includes: Santa Cruz 52, 50; Farr 52, 40; Beneteau First 47.7, 42s7, 40.7, 36.7; Holland 47; Express 37, 27; J/120, J/35, J/105, J/24; 1D35; Santana 35; T-10; Olson 30; Newport 30; Knarr, Moore 24. Four times Banshee National Champion, raced in O'Day (U.S. Singlehanded) Championship, NEISA Champion, plus a number of regional and fleet championships. West Coast offshore racing includes Coastal Cup, Transpac, and Ensenada. Also match and team racing experience.

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